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Torchbearer: new documentary's historical account of the frailties of mankind

"Torchbearerâ? is a documentary that takes several major historical events in the world and examines the frailties of mankind. The documentary is narrated by â??Duck Dynastyâ?? American reality-TV star, Phil Robertson. PHIL ROBERTSON Narrator "The footage that you are seeing is reality. These things happened. And rather you want to go back to just the last 80 years and just look at the carnage that has ensued and has fallen upon mankind.â? Phil Robertson reflects on the impact and the culture of wars without the presence of God.  Robertson makes his point of view known when he speaks about the the atrocities committed by the worst dictators the history books have ever seen.  PHIL ROBERTSON Narrator "They are operating like there is no God. Human beings become their own God and they begin to determine right, wrong, good, evil and what your life is worth.â? Robertson travels throughout Europe and the United States and makes stark comparisons between the rise and fall of great empires from the past. He also targets the most recent events involving Boko Haram and ISIS.  PHIL ROBERTSON Narrator "The overall message of Torchbearer...What I'm saying and what the documentary is saying 'Don't forget God. I'm basically saying, sin is sin, learn from it. Everyone needs to repent. Everyone needs to at least entertain the thought.â? The documentary is already getting plenty of attention. It will be released in select theaters throughout the U.S. on October 7, 2016.  YA TOURCHBEARER F -PR Up:JRB