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Rome Reports

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Stories of the homeless who met the pope in Rome

As often happens in life, surprises pop up when they are least expected. These homeless people experienced a taste of this after traveling to Rome to be with Pope Francis for the occasion of the Jubilee of Mercy. They come from 22 countries and would never have imagined that they would be able to visit Rome, and even less, to be so close to the pope. "It is a blessing. I feel peace ... many things." "This is all very special: meeting with the pope, praying with the ope. There are many... sensations, yes, that's it." While they are in difficult situations, they prefer to focus on the present moment and their encounter with the pope. "Difficult situation." "Extremely... The situation is difficult for all of us. But we came here and we're waiting." Pope Francis has always remembered the poor, especially during this year of the Jubilee of Mercy, and his visitors feel the warmth of his words especially now. "Rome is very beautiful, the pope has called us to come here and I am very happy to see the pope." Perhaps this visit will not give them a roof when they return to their countries and their lives, but they say they consider themselves enriched to have had an opportunity that many others only dream of. AQ/MB AA SV -PR Up:AC