Pope Francis' emotional visit to “Nuovi Orizzonti” community of Chiara Amirante

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Those cured of their addictions as well as the consecrated met with Pope Francis. Emotions among participants were high.

I'm so excited, so so excited. I am also very grateful.

Pope Francis listened to testimonies of those present, including that of the founder of Nuovi Orizzonti, Chiara Amirante.

As you know, the New Horizons community desires to help as many people as possible find the joy of the Risen Jesus. We pay particular attention to the difficulties that so many young people find themselves in.

Singers Nek and Andrea Bocelli are among those present, along with his son. They sang “Follow Me,” before the pope spoke.

You, with your testimonies, have made me feel that the Lord's gaze is a patient gaze. He always has patience. Today, you have sown something in me. Thank you.

It was a long visit. Pope Francis celebrated Mass, and Andrea Bocelli sang again, this time during communion. At the end of the ceremony, the pope had lunch there and returned to the Vatican.

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