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Chicago Archbishop and Cubs fan who shares Pope Francis' vision is elevated to cardinal

Days after Archbishop Cupich from Chicago presented the World Series winning Cubs hat and baseball to Pope Francis, he will be elevated to cardinal on Saturday, with 16 other cardinals from around the world.  Cupich has a "tribeâ? of 38 relatives in Rome for the event, stemming from his large family, where he is one of eight kids. There also are more than 500 people from the United States who have come to support him, not only from Chicago, but from Nebraska, Ohio, and D.C., to name a few. His Nebraska friends even brought him a gift to represent the Huskers during the Consistory on Saturday. BLASE CUPICH Archbishop of Chicago "I think this is a great day for Chicago. It's an opportunity for us to see we have a part to play in the universal Church, that people have really proudly embraced over its long heritage, so I'm just the latest chapter in that long history.â? With his election to cardinal, he says he has already seen an increase in requests and activities for him to participate in. For example, he was appointed to the Congregation for Bishops by Pope Francis and says even this role is very demanding with the frequent meetings and necessary documentation.  BLASE CUPICH Archbishop of Chicago "I've committed myself to really making Chicago my priority, and I want to continue to do that. I'd be hard-pressed to accept things outside of the archdiocese, given the fact that we are in the middle of a major renewal of the archdiocese that I have to be present to.â? This renewal has been marked by various actions, including his selection of the first woman as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) for the Archdiocese of Chicago. He is revamping the archdiocese and looking to spread the mission of the Church out to the community, by remaining close to the people as Pope Francis often asks priests to do. MB AA -VM -PR Up:MB