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Rome Reports

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Fashion designer presents collection in Rome and meets Pope Francis

Isabella Springmuhl from Guatemala is 19 years old and is a designer of her own fashion brand. ; She is the first person with Down syndrome who has participated in the London Fashion Week and still has many projects ahead of her. ; ISABELLA SPRINGMUHL Fashion designer "Because of all the effort I put into my work, I was invited to Rome. These are the designs I do, what you see here. This is what I do. I have another collection: 'Heart, Peace and Love' that I am presenting in Rome." ; Everything was not always easy for Isabella. Quite a few times, she has met people who said she could not attain what she wanted because of her condition, however, she has proven them wrong. ; ISABELLA SPRINGMUHL Fashion designer "I tried at three universities, but they would not accept me. They closed their arms, they closed their doors because I have Down syndrome, but I did not care. They missed out." ; While in the Eternal City, in addition to presenting her latest collection with a fashion show, there was something else on her 'wish list:' meeting Pope Francis. ; ISABELLA SPRINGMUHL Fashion designer "I'm so excited. It's my first time and I have many things to say to him. I can tell him to bless me, to bless my work and my bless my family to grow so much." ; She made a very personal and elaborate gift herself: a blanket with pictures of many other children with Down syndrome in Guatemala. ; ; ; She attended the General Audience accompanied by her number one fan: her mother. Together, they spoke with the Pope and he blessed them. ; Isabella is the perfect example that "believing is achieving." Besides attaining what she proposes, this young lady works closely to others and always remains with an unbreakable smile on her face. ; She is an example of overcoming fears or failures for everyone to follow. AQ/MB AA -S -PR up: JD