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Rome Reports

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Meet 10-year-old Palestinian journalist covering the Israeli occupied West Bank

She has been covering the happenings in the occupied West Bank for three years. Janna Jihad is a pint-sized, tenacious young lady that is causing a media frenzy... She is considered the youngest journalist in the world.   JANNA JIHAD Palestinian Journalist "I decided to do this when I saw that there aren't enough journalists to cover the things that are happening in Palestine, that are happening in my village, the voice of the children, the voice of the Palestinian people and to send my message, my own message.â? Janna lives in Nabi Saleh, a Palestinian village north of the West Bank. Unlike most children here age, Janna has witnessed the tragedies of war first-hand when both her friend and uncle were brutally killed. JANNA JIHAD Palestinian Journalist "Here in Palestine, we want to be free like all of the world, like the children that live in the USA, like the children that live in the UK.â?   After school, Janna takes to her cell phone or a handheld video camera to record the violence taking place in her village by uploading her videos and posting them onto her Facebook page in both Arabic and English. She has amassed over 200,000 followers.    JANNA JIHAD Palestinian Journalist "We wish that you hear this message and send it to your friends, your friends can send it to their friends and their friends can send it to some other friends. So your community can know the truth and that truth can go out to the whole world. If the whole world could know that truth. FLASH You could be the voice of Palestine, the voice of Palestinian children.â? According to Amnesty International, the Israeli occupation of the West Bank is in its fifth decade and the surge of violence and abuse of basic human rights is prevalent. Both Israeli and Palestinian civilians continue to be the sacrificial casualties of war. YA Tamimi Press -F -PR Up:JD