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Kidnapped priest in Yemen seen in a new video

On March 4, terrorists attacked a nursing home in Yemen and murdered 16 people, four of them religious women. They also kidnapped Indian priest Tom Uzhunnalil. His kidnappers have released this video where the priest reads a message in which he asks the pope, the bishops, and the Indian government to do something to set him free. FR. TOM UZHUNNALIL "I was the priest to work in Yemen, and was kidnapped. Nothing has been done by our Pope Francis nor by the Bishop of Abu Dhabi to get me released in spite of contacts being made by my captorsâ?.  This priest doesnâ??t know that the pope did spoke about his kidnapping a month after it happened. POPE FRANCIS April 10, 2016 "I renew my call for the release of all persons abducted in armed conflict zones; in particular, I wish to mention Tom Uzhunnalil, the Salesian priest kidnapped in Aden, Yemen, on March 4.â? This Christmas, the pope has also spoken about the situation of persecuted Christians, and he did not hesitate to label them as martyrs. POPE FRANCIS "Many of our brothers and sisters in the faith suffer abuses and violence and are hated for believing in Jesus. I tell you this: the martyrs of today, outnumber those of early Christianity.â? The priestâ??s message is undoubtedly being used by criminals as an instrument of pressure and blackmail. It is not clear who they are, but the Church and civil authorities in India are following the case closely. The priestâ??s weak voice in this video is a beacon of the persecuted Christians of our time.  JMB/AG YouTube, RR SV - BN Up: JMB