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Rome Reports

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Pope Francis: Complaining to God is a way of praying

Pope Francis arrived to the General Audience a little earlier than expected, to get a chance to greet the pilgrims.  One of them told his story to the pope, who was visibly gripped by what he was hearing.  The pope also greeted the newlyweds in attendance, and he blessed the couples who are expecting their first child.  "I call the newlyweds the brave, because they need courage to get married, a commitment for life.â? "Donâ??t go to sleep without having made peace.â? In his catechesis, the pope spoke about the example of Abraham. This patriarch believed in Godâ??s promise that he would have a child, even though he was very old, and his wife was infertile.  Time went by and the promise didnâ??t come true, so Abraham complained to God.  The pope says this is a good example because being faithful doesnâ??t mean that one should accept everything in silence. He also said having hope is compatible with sometimes having doubts. POPE FRANCIS "Faith is also fighting with God, showing our bitterness without false devotion. I am angry with God, and I have told him this, and this, and thisâ?¦ Donâ??t worry, He is a Father, and he understands. Be brave, be brave. This is the hope.â? According to Pope Francis, the virtue of hope is beautiful because it gives you strength to carry on in moments of darkness.  This General Audience was more colorful than usual. It even had a circus performance; Liana Morfeiâ??s Golden Circus, which is currently touring in Rome. They surprised the pope with magic tricks and exotic parrots. This General Audience is the popeâ??s only public event this week. Most of his collaborators are on holiday, and he is also trying to get some well-deserved rest.  JMB-AQ/AG CTV SV - BN Up: