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Rome Reports

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How Pope Francis' words affect students

Rome is one of the most visited cities in the world. Its architecture, art and ancient history make it one of the places to visit at least once in life. The Vatican and St. Peter's Square are one of the great attractions for visitors, as well as being able to see Pope Francisco, a magnet of masses. Even for the younger people, like this group of students from Valencia, Spain, seeing Pope Francis means fulfilling a dream. MERCHE MORENO St. Teresa of Avila School (Valencia) "We came here with the school, we've had four days here and everything is super good. We love Rome; it's beautiful and we just left the Vatican from the General Audience with the pope and it's awesome." ; INMA GARCÉS St. Teresa of Avila School (Valencia) "It has been very exciting for me because I am a Christian and to be so close to the pope, for me... I have been very touched." ; Pope Francis used to give practical advice to the pilgrims. In this way, the listeners can quickly apply these teachings and messages to their daily life. He also manages to reach a much larger number of people who can easily identify with his words. These young women are one example of how Pope Francis' messages can immediately touch people's lives. ALBA ALCOY St. Teresa of Avila School (Valencia) "From this message, I left understanding that we do not have to create false ideas but we have to live real life... real. We cannot make ourselves false idols because in the end you are left with nothing and the important thing is to live a life of truth." INMA GARCÉS St. Teresa of Avila School (Valencia) "For we must live a life full of love and hope, believing in God and in the hope that there will be peace in this world." In addition to the words of the pope, being surrounded by pilgrims from different parts of the world and the greatness of the Vatican impacted these three Spanish students. That is why they say they desire to return to the Eternal City again at some point in their lives. AQ/MB CTV - -BN Up: MG #Pope Francisco