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Famous YouTube priest sends message: The biggest problem is a lack of gratitude

Father Mike Schmitz is one of the best known YouTubers. His most watched videos reach 300 thousand visits. They talk about marriage, faith and everyday problems. He also answers questions that his viewers ask him. FR. MIKE SCHMITZ YouTuber,  Ascension Press "People will ask about relationship stuff. Also on the kind of theological side people will ask about suffering, ask about who God is and ask a lot about what sin is. They just want some direction, some clarity, when it comes to how to live a cristian life and how to live a life as a Catholic. That is one of the big questions people ask.â? Fr. Mike Schmitz might have changed the way in which he delivers the message, but he hasn't changed the message. This is something even Pope Francis has done, and it continues to produce astounding results.  FR. MIKE SCHMITZ YouTuber,  Ascension Press "I think Pope Francis has freshened... I heard this, I heard a talk by an evangelical man who said: 'Pope Francis has rebranded the Catholic Church in the best way possible.' He's a sign for mercy and grace and compassion. Previous popes have talked about those same things but in a unique way the Lord is using Pope Francis to establish a degree of trust and I think that's amazing and I'm so greatful for that.â? Fr. Mike tries to bring the Church to those who do not usually go to Mass, by channeling his sermons from YouTube directly to people's screens. He says the biggest problem people endure is a lack of gratitude, even in the smallest things. FR. MIKE SCHMITZ YouTuber,  Ascension Press "Even the most amazing and wonderful things we end up taking them for granted. We come to expect them and then we're just not even grateful for what we have. I think we should walk through this world with the eyes of wonder. Like through every little thing to be able to say 'that did not have to exist. This didn't have to exist, this didn't have to be given to me. But it is, it was, I have it know.'â?    Fr. Mike Schmitz is known throughout the United States by giving lectures all over the country, thus helping lead thousands of youth closer to God through each of his simple messages that allow people to put Christ's word into action.  AQ/MB AP -? -PR Up: