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Rome Reports

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A Spanish choir sings for Pope Francis

It's not everyday someone has the chance to attend an audience with Pope Francis. And it's even rare one has the opportunity to sing for him. These students of the Diocesan Seminary of Orihuela, Spain, did both. And it left a deep impression on them.  MOISÉS GARCíA Diocesan Seminary of Orihuela, Alicante "It was crowded with people, and when he recognized us and gave us a special mention, I was impressed. Then when we started singing ... I liked it." One of the seminary students wanted to give the Pope a gift, but in the end it was he who received a present.  MATEO MARTíN Diocesan Seminary of Orihuela, Alicante "I wanted to give him my sash, and when I went to sit down he wanted to give it back to me. And he told me that now I could boast that the pope took it.â?  Their trip was not simply a vacation, but rather a pilgrimage to celebrate the 270th anniversary of the seminary. To offer their gratitude, they visited the tomb of Saint Peter.  The message they received from the pope at the audience deeply touched them all.  MANUEL BLíZQUEZ Diocesan Seminary of Orihuela, Alicante "I believe that I and all the seminarians have left feeling very close to the pope, who called us, who has allowed us to be with him, and has given a message of hope to us all.â? CARLOS GANDíA Diocesan Seminary of Orihuela, Alicante "This meeting has meant, for me, a chance to discover that being humble, the Lord wants to give me great gifts, like being able to share the experience of this visit with Pope Francis with my colleagues.â?  They met with big competitors during the audience. There were two other choirs that wanted to outshine them, but it was very clear that they were the best.  JORGE ALEJANDRO VICENTE Diocesan Seminary of Orihuela, Alicante "It's pretty clear, isn't it? There was another group of children besides us, but the difference was quite remarkable." It was not a talent contest, but no doubt everyone will remember this joyful and unique encounter with the pope. AQ/JC MG / CTV FL -PR Up:AC