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Pope asks to remember South Sudan: the second great famine of the 21st century

POPE FRANCIS "The painful news coming from battered South Sudan provokes a serious concern.â? Pope Francis has endorsed the appeal of international humanitarian agencies who on Monday announced this alarm: the youngest country in the world is literally starving. It is a hunger provoked by war, violence and instability. Since its independence in 2011 and an initial apparent economic boom, the resulting crisis, corruption and violence have led this country to collapse. The UN estimates that 100,000 people are at high risk of death and UNICEF warns that the most vulnerable are children. In addition, it is estimated that the number of affected could increase to five million by the month of July, when it's estimated there will be no more crops.  The famine reported by Pope Francis is the second one after which the Horn of Africa ravaged the lives of a million people in 2011. It had been described as the worst famine of the last 60 years. JRB/MB UNICEF / CTV SV -PR Up:JRB