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Pope Francis: For a hospital to be Catholic, it must first be human

The pope has met with some of the smallest patients at the Vatican's pediatric hospital. They are children and teenagers who are starring in a docu-reality for an Italian channel about the experiences of youth and their families in hospitals. ; "Without the Bambin Gesù hospital I would not be here talking to you. It's very probable I would have died long ago." "I want to thank all the doctors, who are a great team, although I often treat them badly. It's a fantastic hospital." The pope thanked the doctors and the children's families, because they have helped fill the patients with the medicine he said is most important: "affection." POPE FRANCIS "There is the danger, the risk of forgetting that the most important medicine can only be given by a family: caresses. But if this is a Catholic hospital, wait, to be Catholic, you have to be human first. And you give a witness to humanity today." The pope signed several photos for friends who were still in the hospital, but was moved by the shyness of this little boy. That is why, before leaving, he especially greeted him. JMB/MB CTV ? S - BN Up: JC