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Rome Reports

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Pope Francis: on the path of life, God never leaves us alone

During the pope's journey through St. Peter's Square in the popemobile, he received many gifts: like this bouquet of flowers and this typical Mexican ranchera.

This young woman greeted Pope Francis the longest, and was the last to do so before he began his catechesis.

The pope continued his series on hope, this time reflecting on the last words of Jesus in the Gospel, in which He says that He will accompany His disciples to the end of time.


"On the path of life, no one is alone. For us Christians, this certainty is even stronger, because the words of Jesus: 'I am with you every day until the end of the world,' assure us that He takes care of us and always accompanies us."

The pope recalled that the first Christians used the anchor as a symbol of hope. Just as hope is held up by God, the anchor is not based on good will but on a sure rock.

Pope Francis greeted a group of couples who were celebrating their 50th anniversary. He also asked them one thing.


"To those who come to remember their 50th wedding anniversary: tell young people that it is beautiful, that the life of Christian marriage is beautiful."

While it was very windy in St. Peter's Square, some gusts of air played tricks on the pope. However, the weather did not prevent his weekly encounter with thousands of pilgrims, which was as friendly as ever.




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