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Vatican Cricket paves the way for Pope's trip to Fatima through inter-religious games

The Vatican Cricket team has returned from Fatima where they participated in an interfaith tournament with teams of other religions, such as Muslims, Hindus and Jews. They say that they want to align their mission with the inter-religious mission of Pope Francis, both on and off the field. FR. EAMONN O'HIGGINS Manager, Vatican Cricket "So it's a way of building bridges and showing that authentic religious experience can unite people. It's not something that's divisive. On the field you had Hindu, Muslim, Anglican, and it was Catholic priests and seminarians playing together. That in itself is an image that suggests something to the world that authentic religion, religious experience can unite people.â? BR. JOSE MATHEW Opening Baller, Vatican Cricket "It's friendship through Cricket. On the Cricket field there are no enemies, there are no Catholics, there are no Protestants. So this Cricket field gives a good base, a good platform to build up on friendship, to build up on harmony, to build up on love.â?  The Dublin-native manager says that this unity was able to be seen during their trip, both in the comradery that is built on the field with others and the special moments of prayer between the team. The St. Peter's players all dedicated themselves to Our Lady of Fatima since they are seminarians and priests who happen to play Cricket and not the other way around.  BR. JOSE MATHEW Opening Baller, Vatican Cricket "The favorite moment of Fatima was our trip to the Shrine of Fatima. We dedicated and consecrated the team to Our Lady of Fatima on her 100th anniversary of her apparition at Fatima. We prayed together the rosary at the Shrine of Fatima and it was a great moment for me and for all the members of the team.â? FR. EAMONN O'HIGGINS Manager, Vatican Cricket "Who knows in the area of spiritual providence that Our Lady brings us to Fatima and through the medium of Cricket for the 100th  apparition of Fatima, perhaps in someway that is suggestive that we are doing something that serves the Lord's kingdom.â? After playing five three-hour games in Fatima and winning four of the five, the team has returned to Rome. They will continue to compete with all 15 members of their team, who are all seminarians or priests studying in the Eternal city.  MB MG/Cricket -FL -PR Up:FV