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Pope Francis: Many innocent Christians, Muslims and Yazidis are strongly tested

At the Regina Coeli prayer, said before 25,000 pilgrims, the pope recalled his recent trip to Fatima, Portugal.  POPE FRANCIS "In Fatima I immersed myself in the prayer of the faithful Holy People to ask the maternal protection of Mary for the whole world." In fact, he recalled that peace is still needed in to put an end to the suffering of thousands of innocent people around the world. He mentioned the concrete case of the Middle East. POPE FRANCIS "Many innocent people are harshly tested, whether they are Christians, Muslims or minorities like the Yazidis." In Italy and many other parts of the world, Mother's Day was celebrated, and the Holy Father did not miss the opportunity to ask everyone to remember them on this special day.  POPE FRANCIS "And now I make a proposal: let us remain in silence for a few moments, everyone of us praying for our mother.â? The pope further asked for institutions to greater support  "life and motherhood." JRB/JC CTV -F -BN Up:JC