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An app that allows one to interact and listen to the Bible

With an introduction by Benedict XVI, the Truth and Life App looks to use the world's increasing technology as a way to transform how people access, and understand better, the Bible.  Available in both English and Spanish, the application tries to accomplish this aim by enacting multiple different features. Along with highlighting, note taking, and an audio feature, users can also utilize the Ignatius Study Bible.  LANCE FARRELL Director of Sales and Marketing "What's amazing is we've taken this, we've digitized it, and we've indexed it verse by verse. So if you know anything about Study Bibles, what's incredible is that when you tap a verse on our app, we will bring up a window that we call a tree. And inside that tree will be the commentary that you have right in this very book, but it's indexed to the verse.â? By both listening to passages, and having access to Biblical questions with the tap of a finger, it creates a more personal experience. LANCE FARRELL Director of Sales and Marketing "If they can't read it, they can at least hear it. When they can't understand it, they can dig a little deeper and figure it out. So to me, it's a game changer.â? Pope Francis has recently said that Catholics should carry their Bible like they do their cell phones, and now it's possible to do two in one.  JC RR F PR UP: JC