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Pope Francis meets Latin American bishops regarding the role of the laity in public life

In his meeting with representatives of the Latin American Episcopal Council, it has become clear that the Argentine pope wants his continent to be vaccinated against clericalism. For years, he has proposed that the Church should become aware of the laity's role in public life. Thus, in early December, Latin American bishops will organize a meeting with dozens of Catholic politicians, from all political parties throughout the continent.  CARD. JOSÉ LUIS LACUNZA Bishop of David (Panama) "It is not only the laity's fault, it is also our fault. We have been passive. We have not supported them, we have not given them formation, sometimes we have been afraid or ashamed and we have contributed to losing them." MSGR. JUAN ESPINOZA Auxiliary Bishop of Morelia (Mexico) "To help, to work, so that the laity and the baptized become missionary disciples in the places where they are, where they work, and in the place where they grow. Also that the Church does not use the laity for intraeclesial things.â? The bishops say that it is not a matter of founding a new political party, but instead of exchanging ideas amongst Catholic politicians to better carry out evangelization.  They also explained that the Latin American bishops presented the pope with multiple initiatives, such as the CLAMOR, a continential network to support immigrants. This is a large problem that not only causes tensions in the United States, but also throughout the continent of America.  JRB/JC CTV / MG -SV -BN Up:MB