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Pope visits factory in Genoa: Be afraid of speculators, not entrepreneurs

Pope Francis began his visit to Genoa at this factory, one of the most important steel mills in Italy. There he met with workers, businessmen, members of trade unions, as well as those who are currently unemployed.  In his speech, he thanked entrepreneurs who create jobs, and set them apart from the speculators who only seek to make money at the expense of others. POPE FRANCIS "We must fear the speculators, not the entrepreneurs. But paradoxically, sometimes the political system seems to encourage those who speculate with the job of others and not who invests and believes in the job. Why? Because it creates bureaucracy and controls with the assumption that the actors of the economy are speculators, and so who does not remain disadvantaged and who is a speculator succeeds to find ways to get around the laws and reach his goals.â?  The pope spoke about rest to the workers. He said one characteristic of a slave is that he does not have free time, even if they are paid.  POPE FRANCIS "It's bad when those who work get paid a lot for not having a work schedule, no limits, and are caught between work and life, because work becomes life. A paradox of our society is that a growing number of people would like to work and fail, and others that work too much, and would like to work less, but don't succeed because they were 'bought' by their companies.â? JMB/JC CTV -FL -Pr Up: MB