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Rome Reports

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Pope reveals the medicine to change people's hearts

Braving the Roman sun, some of Rome's youngest pilgrims got well deserved time with Pope Francis this morning.  In his catechesis, the pope explained that "no one can live without love,â? and when there is not love, there are consequences.  POPE FRANCIS "When one isn't or does not feel loved as an adolescent, then violence can grow. Within many forms of social hate and hooliganism there is often a heart that is not known. There are no bad children, just as there are no evil teenagers, there are unhappy people.â?  He explained that God's "first stepâ? towards us is with unconditional love, despite any sins one may have. He compared it to a mother's love.  POPE FRANCIS "A mom continues to love her son even when this son is in prison. A mother does not ask for the cancellation of human justice, because every error requires redemption, but a mother never stops suffering for her son. She loves him even when he sins. God does the same with us: we are his beloved children.â?  Going off script, Pope Francis then asked the crowd what the cure is for someone with an unhappy heart.  POPE FRANCIS "What is the medicine that changes an unhappy heart?â? "Love!â? "Louder!â? "Love!â? "Very good, very good everyone!â? After remembering that love calls love, he then concluded the audience by remembering St. Anthony of Padua, whose feast day was celebrated June 13.  JC CTV -FL -BN Up: MB