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Rome Reports

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Pope's Schedule: He pays tribute to two priests from rural northern Italy

It will be an intense start to the week: At 7 p.m. on Monday, Pope Francis will open the annual congress of the Diocese of Rome. Their main objective for this year is the education of teenagers across the world. The congress will take place in the Basilica of St. John Lateran. On Tuesday, the pope will be making an atypical journey: he will leave the Vatican by helicopter and go to the small towns of Bozzolo and Barbiana in northern Italy. There, he will pray before the tombs of Fr. Primo Mazzolari and Fr. Lorenzo Milani, renowned during the first half of the twentieth century. Both are considered precursors of the Second Vatican Council, and examples of how to apply the social doctrine of the Church. On Wednesday, Pope Francis will attend the weekly catechesis, together with pilgrims from across the world. Furthermore, he will celebrate Mass and deliver his daily homilies at Casa Santa Marta. Finally Sunday's Angelus prayer will commence at noon as usual. ; JRB/ DN CTV FL -PR Up:AC