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Rome Reports

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Pope: No Gossip, no envy, no jealousy!

With about 50,000 people in St. Peter's Square, the Pope talked about unity within the Church. Reflecting on Sunday's Gospel reading, he explained that ignoring problems, don't make them go away. POPE FRANCIS "Facing one another, discussion and prayer. This is how conflicts are resolved in the Church. Facing one another, discussion and prayer.â?  He then added that tension and conflicts are a part of life, but it's the way they're handled that makes the difference.  The Pope reminded everyone to be open to the Holy Spirit and to leave gossip aside.  POPE FRANCIS "Understood? No gossip, no envy, no jealousy! Got it?"  In light of the heavy floods across the Balkans, Pope Francis prayed for all the victims and their families during Sunday's Regina Coeli. At least 50 people died and thousands more have been evacuated.  POPE FRANCIS "Heavy floods have devastated the Balkan area, especially Serbia and Bosnia. While I pray to the Lord for the victims of this disaster, I also want to express my closeness to those who are living through this agony and suffering.â?  Before wishing everyone a good lunch, the Pope also send out a greeting to students visiting from Mexico, Spain and France.  KLH  CTV FA -BN Up: PM