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Chile's new ambassador gives Pope a wooden pizza holder

Chile has a new ambassador to the Holy See.  Pope Francis welcomed Monica Jimenez de la Jara, to the Vatican's Apostolic Palace to present her credentials.  AMBASSADOR "The president sends her best, and she hopes you can visit Chile.â?  POPE FRANCIS  "Send her my greetings and tell her I thank her for the invitation.â?  The new ambassador, who is part of Chile's Christian Democrat party, comes from a political family. She is the former Minister of Education and in 1981, she received a Fulbright scholarship. Her father was the Minister of Health under President Salvador Allende.  As she introduced her family, she showed the Pope two pictures of younger relatives, who were hoping the Pope could sign their school picture.  POPE FRANCIS "I'll sign these right now.â?  As a gift, the ambassador gave the Pope a book of Our Lady and also a wooden pizza holder.  AMBASSADOR "I hear you're a good cook. This can be for the pizza.â? POPE FRANCIS "Yeah, to cut the pizza.â?  Once the group took a picture, the Pope kept his promise and signed the two pictures for the children.  KLH  CTV JM -BN Up: YJA