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Dave Moore: 'Be simple. Love God. Grow Beard'

Nobody can accuse North American singer Dave Moore of not following his mantra 'Be Simple. Love God. Grow Beard.' His first album 'The Return' was released in 2012. In his lyrics, he explains how his life was before believing in God, and how it has changed since then. He also wants others to embrace his faith. DAVE MOORE "Basically I was writing 'Coming Back To You' as an expression of how much I wish to become more in relationship with God. And those who seek peace and need the love of God to come forth, because our return back into relationship with God.â? Moore believes music makes God smile and he never leaves his guitar for a second. It's no surprise then that he likes to sing about God's love for every person, as well as repentance and forgiveness. He started singing as a kid at his parish choir and is now touring the United States, spreading the Gospel with his folk tunes. MZ/PM DAVE MOORE VM PR Up: YJA