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Pope cancels visit to Gemelli Hospital of Rome due to an indisposition

The Pope cancelled in the last minute a visit to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Gemelli Hospital of Rome. A Vatican press release explained that it was due to an "indispositionâ?. At the center, the ecclesiastical assistant of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, read a communique.  MSGR. CLAUDIO GIULIODORI Catholic University of the Sacred Heart "The Holy Father, due to a last-minute indisposition, will be unable to make the scheduled visit to Gemelli Hospital. The visit will be postponed. The Holy Mass will be presided at 4:30PM by Cardinal Angelo Scola who will read the homily prepared by Pope Francis.â? Sources close to the Italian Church have said that it was due to a strong migraine and fatigue. It is the seventh time that the Pope has postponed a meeting for similar reasons. The first was on November 15th, when a cold prevented him from meeting with Vatican employees.  On December 4th, he was unable to receive the organizing committee of the universal exhibition of Milan due to back problems. On February 28th he canceled his visit to the Major Seminary of Rome due to fever.  More recently, on May 16th, he canceled his schedule due to a light cold. Two days later, he canceled a visit to the Roman shrine of Divine Love to better prepare for his trip to the Holy Land, according to the Vatican.  This month, on June 9th and 10th, he cancelled his schedule due to fatigue caused by the intense weekend after the prayer meeting celebrated in the Vatican with the presidents of Israel and Palestine. AC/JAE CTV JM -BN Up:JRB #Pope