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Francis calls for a mass gathering with grandparents on September 28

The Pope has often defended the role of elderly people, both within the Church and in society. POPE FRANCIS  July 25, 2014 "We don't take care of the elderly. And there's also a cultural euthanasia. They are not allowed to speak or actâ?.   For this reason, Francis has decided that September 28 would be their day, in which their voices would be heard. It will be the first time a meeting has taken place between the Pope and the elderly. MSGR. VINCENZO PAGLIA President, Pontifical Council for the Family "The elderly are an extraordinary treasure, a treasure of wisdom, a treasure of tradition. In essence, they are the roots of society, and we all know that a society without roots is like an upright tree without roots. For this reason, we wish for this significant meeting to be profoundly religious, profoundly human, profoundly Christian.â? The meeting will be organized by the Pontifical Council for the Family, and its theme will be taken from the words of John Paul II: "The blessing of long life.â?  MSGR. VINCENZO PAGLIA President, Pontifical Council for the Family "I believe that this is important that this day inspires a new spiritual, cultural and, I would say, humanistic reflection, in order that society and the Church understand that old age is a grace.â? Thousands of elderly people will go to Saint Peterâ??s to take part in a Mass with Francis, and an encounter with testimonies. The aim of the meeting is to recall the importance of elderly persons in society, as well as to celebrate that life is always beautiful, with or without wrinkles.  MSGR. VINCENZO PAGLIA President, Pontifical Council for the Family "Some say that old age is a shipwreck. No, it is a beautiful journey! I have to shout this! It is my desire [that these words] resonate from the Old Saint Peterâ??s Square to all the squares of the world: "Old age is beautiful! Wrinkles are beautiful!â? Monsignor Vincenzo Paglia recalled that the Vatican has also called for a day of prayer for the Synod on the Family on the same day, September 28. He said that, undoubtedly, the elderly are an important part of the family, and that they should not be forgotten.  AC/AS CTV JM -PR Up: MAE