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Singing duo gets back together...because of Pope Francis

Juan Marcelo and Juan Eduardo, are better known as 'Juan y Juan.' Back in the 70's they were Argentina's most famous singing duo. After more than 20 years apart, they're back together to promote a Papal education program, known as 'Scholas Occurrentes.'  JUAN MARCELO Juan & Juan "We didn't perform together for more than 20 years. But we were so inspired by Pope Francis, we decided to write a song and get back together to perform it.â?  The program they're referring to, is about education, solidarity and sports. Even international stars like Messi and Buffon have joined in. The purpose is to improve the education of those who need it most.  JUAN EDUARDO Juan & Juan  "To reach out to the youth, they also decided to incorporate music, art and culture.â?  JUAN  MARCELO Juan & Juan "We started off with two songs based on the preaching of Pope Francis. They are the first two songs in our album.â?  During their career, they recorded more than 20 singles and their albums were among the highest selling records. Practically any Argentinian knows their music, and that of course includes Pope Francis.  JUAN MARCELO Juan & Juan "The Pope is an incredible person. He is very humble. He's an every day person, who knows about everything. Our songs are often played during soccer matches out in stadiums, so he definitely knows our music.â?  So even though years have passed, their enthusiasm is still intact. Now, their making it a point to promote values in their music.  MZ/KLH  AA/Juan & Juan FA - PR Up: YJA