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Spanish priest infected with Ebola, dies

he Spanish missionary priest who was infected with Ebola, has died. Miguel Pajares, who got infected in Liberia, died in his native Spain.  He died just a few days after arriving, and after agreeing to an experimental treatment.  He worked in a health care center located in the Liberian capital of Monrovia, in a hospital run by the Brothers of St. John of God. He wasn't the only victim though. The hospital's director, two priests, a nun and a social worker who worked there, also died.  It was back in December that infections began to multiply, especially in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. Cases have also been reported in Nigeria, which is Africa's most populated country. At least a dozens people have been infected there and a state of emergency has been declared.  More than 1,000 people have died from the epidemic. It's estimated that another 2,000 are infected. The Pope expressed his concern and called for prayers.  POPE FRANCIS (August 10th)  "Let's also pray for victims of the Ebola virus and for those who are fighting to stop it.â?  The World Health Organization issued a state of global health emergency, since the risk of the disease spreading is a viable threat.  MARGARET CHAN  World Health Organization, Director General "Its advice to me acknowledges the serious and unusual nature of the outbreak and the potential for further international spreadâ?. The World Health Organization also authorized the use of a new experimental drug, which is the same drug the Spanish missionary had begun to receive. The drug has been sent to Africa and it's also being given to an American doctor and missionary who are infected and reeving treatment in the U.S.  AC /KLH  Unifeed / NGO Fundación Juan City  -  -PR  up: PM