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Rome Reports

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Pope to new bishops: Do not fall into the temptation of wanting to change your people

Pope Francis met today with newly ordained bishops at the Vatican today. They are in Rome for a series of orientation programs for new bishops ordained in the past year.  After an address made by Cardinal Marc Ouellet, the Prefect of the Congregation of Bishops, the Pope shared a light-hearted moment with the new bishops.  POPE FRANCIS "The cardinal said that this was the most anticipated moment. That's why they leave it for last so that none of you will leave before it ends. It is a trick of the congregation.â? The Pope said that while he was happy to personally meet them, he also felt that he already knows them.  POPE FRANCIS "You are the fruits of the hard work and the tireless prayer of the Church who, when choosing its Pastors, wants to relive the entire night that Jesus passed through on the mount, in the presence of his father, before calling those who He wished to be with Him and to be sent out to the world.â? The Pope warned them to not be deceived by the temptation of changing the people. He said to "love the peopleâ? that God has entrusted to them and to "imitate the patience of Mosesâ? in guiding their people. Pope Francis also said that they are not "fixed-termâ? bishops that come and go aimlessly but like sentinels, who "awaken their Churches.â? JAE CTV JM -BN Up: #Pope