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Pope Francis invites Argentinian president over for lunch

The president of Argentina, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, arrived on Saturday to Casa Santa Marta in the early afternoon. From the moment she entered, it was a very familiar atmosphere. "How is it going?â? "Welcome, Welcomeâ?. "Good?â? The reason for her visiting Pope Francis was clear. Kirchner was seeking the Pope's support one day before going to the UN to denounce "hedge fundsâ? that have sunk Argentina further into debt. Creditors are reclaiming $1.7 billion from Argentina.  An entourage of 33 people accompanied the president. She also brought an exceptional amount of gifts for the Pope.  Among them a modern art painting of Pope Francis, another of Evita Peron and various art pieces that were given to her as gifts.  "So, I brought mine and I changedâ?. The most special gift was a statue of the Virgen Desatanudos, or Untying Knots, an image of Our Lady that the Pope speaks of frequently.  After exchanging gifts, Pope Francis and the president had lunch. Kirchner's visit with the Pope lasted almost three hours at the Vatican. Later on, the Argentinian president said that discussed the situation in Argentina, as well as current international situations.  PM/JAE CTV FA -BN Up:YJA