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Pope Francis: Martyrs show that the strength of the Church is not in its structures

Pope Francis reflected on his recent trip to Albania during his General Audience.  The Pope explained that the Muslim-majority country is an example that peaceful coexistence between different religions is possible.  POPE FRANCIS "That which is in common among the various religious expressions are the path of life, the good will to do good to their neighbor, without denying or undervaluing their respective identities.â? Throughout many years, the Pope recalled, the "atheist and inhumaneâ? communist regime persecuted Christians and Muslims in Albania.  Pope Francis added that the martyrs are never defeated and that thanks to them, Christians know  where to find support.  POPE FRANCIS "Even today, as in the past, the strength of the Church does not comes from its organizational or structural capacity, although they are necessary. The Church does not find its strength there. Our strenght is the love of Christ.â? Before concluding, Pope Francis asked the pilgrims gathered to pray for those affected by the Ebola outbreak in Africa.  POPE FRANCIS "I hope that there is the necessary help from the international community to alleviate the suffering of these brothers and sisters.â? The Pope also expressed his closeness with persecuted Middle Eastern Christians. He said that Christ will never abandon them and encouraged them to continue to give witness to peace and justice.  PM/JAE CTV FA -BN Up: YJA