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Rome Reports

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First impressions of the participants of the Synod on the Family

The participants of the Synod clearly know what to hope for on this historic day for the future of the family.  CARD. í?SCAR ANDRÉS RODRíGUEZ MARADIAGA Archbishop of Tegucigalpa (Honduras) "The Holy Spirit is neither on vacation nor taking a nap, and therefore, He will intervene so that we may have the input that will above all help because we can't forget that this Synod is a highly pastoral Synodâ?. There is a lot of work but the Pope's words were an encouragement for the participants. Pope Francis called on them to speak clearly.  CARD. LORENZO BALDISSERI Secretary General of the Synod "There is a lot of calm, there is truly a spirit of communion among the Synod Fathers. It's a good startâ?. ARCH. PAUL-ANDRÉ DUROCHER  Archbishop of Ontario (Canada) "It is a real invitation to an open communication and a true listening experience.â? CARMEN PEí?A Expert (Spain) "We just started but the atmosphere is very good, very good. It's very encouraging.â? The working sessions will take place during the next two weeks. Experiences from the five continents will be discussed to further examine the problems affecting the family and to propose solutions based on the message of the Gospel.  AC/JAE MG -FA -PR Up: JAE