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Synod of Bishops: Day 2

Work continues at the Synod of Bishops. After two days of sessions, the discussions that are beginning to unfold show various topics for reflection.  CARD. FERNANDO SEBASTIíN Archbishop Emeritus of Pamplona and Tudela  (Spain) "The interventions are centered on discovering new aspects of the doctine of the Catholic Church. Others on reaffirming traditional doctrine. And others on the necessity that, in new circumstances without altering traditional doctrine, there are new implementations.â? One of the goals is to understand why the importance of family life has been diminished in society. It's a goal that these experts are exploring now.  ALFONSO FERNíNDEZ BENITO Expert "We're on it, exploring the difficulties that today's world has in understanding how noble, how great, how wonderful it is to present the family as humanity's most important institution for societyâ?. This example is reflected through the married couples who are intervening in each session. For participants, their contributions are an essential part of their work.  "They spoke very powerfully about their sense of their vocation and how that led to seeing their marriage as their way of fulfilling that vocationâ?. "I was very touched by their love for each other and the fact that they are aware that they give a witness of the love of Christ through their marriage.â? Each session is centered on one of the chapters of the working document that has developed with the contributions of Catholics from around the world. Some 130 countries are represented in this decisive meeting for the family.  AC/JAE RR FA -PR Up: