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Pope Francis: Divisions among Christians wound Christ

It was a festive atmostphere in St. Peter's Square during the Pope's weekly General Audience.  As Pope Francis went around the square greeting the faithful, he gave two children an unforgettable ride in his Popemobile. "Do you want to go for a ride?â? "Yes?â? "Two, two.â? "We'll bring them back hereâ?. In his address, the Pope reflected on the relationship with people of other Christian faiths. While the Church is called be in communion with others, he said, "many are resigned to these divisionsâ?.  POPE FRANCIS "The divisions among Christians, while they hurt the Church, they wound Christ. And, divided, we wound Christ. The Church is indeed the body in which Christ is the head. We know well how much Jesus cared that his disciples remain united in His love.â? Pope Francis said that it is important that all Christians pray for unity and dialogue. He stressed it's important to focus on what unites Christians, instead of what divides them.  POPE FRANCIS "We all have something in common: we all believe in the Lord, Jesus Christ. We all believe in the Father, in the Son, and in the Holy Spirit. And lastly, we all walk together, we are on a path. Let us help each other, one for the other.â? While speaking about communion, Pope Francis talked about a very personal anniversary. POPE FRANCIS "It's said that I shouldn't speak about personal things but I can't resist the temptation. We are talking about communion, communion among us. And today, I am so grateful to the Lord because today, 70 years ago, I received my First Communionâ?.  The Pope said receiving the Eucharist means being in communion with the Church. However, he added, it also means to be in communion with those who believe in Christ. JAE CTV FA -BN Up: PM