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Schönstatt Movement's Centenary: Transforming the World with Our Lady's help

100 years ago, at the dawn of World War I, German priest Josef Kentenich preached to a group of seminarians in a shrine like this one. He invited them to change the world with the Virgin Mary's help.  FR. PATRICIO MOORE Schí¶nstatt Movement's Centenary "He gave them a sermon on October 18th in a shrine like this one, in Germany, and that sermon remained as the founding act of Schí¶nstatt. And there he called them to transform the world and themselves through a covenant of love with Mary.â? A hundred years later, the Schí¶nstatt Movement has more than 300,000 followers in 50 countries.  An estimated 210 shrines like this can be found around the world. They all breathe an air of peace and revolve around Our Lady of Schí¶nstatt. Fr. Kentenich believed in Her teaching power.  FR. PATRICIO MOORE Schí¶nstatt Movement's Centenary "He felt that the Church of the 20th century needed the warmth of Mary, Her closeness and Her ability to transform mankind. And that is done in a covenant of love, and that convenant of love is what transforms one's self and the world.â? The main event of Schí¶nstatt's centennial celebrations will be on Saturday, October 25th at the Vatican, when Pope Francis meets with 8,000 of the movement's members.  PM/JAE MG FB -PR Up: PM #Mundo