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Rome Reports

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Vatican presents important meeting of all the lay movements of the Church

More than 300 leaders of the largest lay movements in the Church are set to meet in Rome from November 20 â?? 22nd. The goal of the meeting is to exchange experiences and reflect on how to promote evangelization around the world, through each movement's charisms.  CARD. STANISŁAW RYŁKO President, Pontifical Council for the Laity "The ecclesial movements and new communities feel partcularly called by the Pope to be true protagonists of a new stage in the evangelizing mission of the Church.â? The founders of several of the groups will be among the participants. On the final day of the meeting, they will meet with Pope Francis.  ANA CRISTINA VILLA Pontificio Consejo para los Laicos "There are many groups that were founded here in Europe, for example, the Neocatechumenal Way, the Focolare Movement, and Communion and Liberation. There are also some born in Latin America, like the Regnum Christi movement and the movement for Christian Life.â? Many of these movements came about during the years following the Second Vatican Council. It was there where the role of the laity was highlighted.  ANA CRISTINA VILLA Pontificio Consejo para los Laicos "The ecclesial movements are one of the areas in which the laity are working a lot because there they find Christian faith in a new way and then they go out to evangelize. It's a way where they dedicate themselves to the evangelizing work of the Church, each one according to their charism.â? This is the third time that the representatives of these movements meet. The previous two meetings were in 1998 with Pope John Paul II and in 2006, with Benedict XVI.  JRB/JAE AA -SV -PR Up:JAE