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Memling: pocket-sized masterpieces from the Renaissance

Michelangelo needed approximately 200 square meters to properly portray Christ in all his glory. Instead, the 15th century German painter Hans Memling accomplished the same feat in a smartphone-sized painting. MATTEO LAFRANCONI "Memling. Flemish Renaissance� "It is a painting meant for private devotion. This type of painting was very famous and popular among Flemish patrons of that time. It consists of small objects that one kept at home, in a very intimate manner meant for private devotion.� For the first time, Rome dedicates an exhibition to this genius of the Flemish Renaissance, known for his passion for detail. His portraits are the best summary of his art. The high definition of every face joins the mastery of the landscape. MATTEO LAFRANCONI "Memling. Flemish Renaissance� "Memling was famous, above all, for his hand for portraits. His portraits, in fact, served to highlight the emergence of this new social class of bankers and merchants that lived in Brujas.� Until January 18th, those who visit "Memling. Flemish Rennaisance� at the Scuderie del Quirinale will be able to appreciate all the details of these "pocket-sized� masterpieces. PM/CA AA SV -PR Up: MPI