Pope Francis' short guide to Christmas

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It is easy to forget the true meaning of Christmas these days. That's why Pope Francis has offered pilgrims and Christians his 'short guide to Christmas.' For the Pope, the most important rule is to make room for Baby Jesus.  


'Every Christian family, can welcome Jesus  just like Mary and Joseph did. They can listen to Him, talk to Him, protect Him, grow with Him. And in doing so, they can change the world. Let's make room in our hearts and in our day, to welcome Jesus.'  

Pope Francis stresses that during Christmas, Christian should rejoice and share their joy with others. But not only with parties.  

POPE FRANCIS December 14, 2014 

'Some will say, 'Father we organized a party and everyone is happy.' This is fine. Parties are good, but they are not the core of the Christian joy we're talking about.'

Traditionally, Christmas is the moment for giving and receiving gifts...Pope Francis warns against the dangers of giving in to consumerism.

 POPE FRANCIS December 22, 2014 

'Don't let Christmas become a celebration of consumerism, appearances and pointless gifts, or superfluous waste. Rather, let it be the feast when one joyfully welcomes the Lord in the manger of the heart.'  

But what is Christmas all about? Pope Francis has repeatedly called it the 'feast of poverty,' and has asked Christians to celebrate it accordingly.  

POPE FRANCIS December 22, 2014 

'This is the true Nativity: the feast of poverty, of God who annihilated Himself, assuming the nature of a slave; of God who served at the table; of God who hid Himself from the intelligent and the wise and instead revealed Himself to the smallest, the simple and the poor.'  

With these advice, Pope Francis calls on everyone to re-discover the real meaning of Christmas.

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