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Synod on the Family: More than 100 associations meet to discuss the family

These couples are getting ready for the second phase of the Vatican's Synod on the Family. They represent over 100 associations that deal different aspects of the family, from strengths to challenges.  Italian Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia opened the session.  ARCH. VINCENZO PAGLIA President of the Pontifical Council for the Family "The Church must find a way to touch the hearts of everyone, because there are a series of different problems.â?  Even though not everyone will directly take part in the synod, it's an important way to identify and share the problems families face in different parts of the world.  This married couple from Paraguay, talked about their mission.  STELLA AND VICTOR DOMíNGUEZ Project Hope (Paraguay) "Project Hope is just that. It's a program to give hope to all families, especially divorced couples who re-marry, so that they can feel welcomed in the Church, because sometimes they feel rejected.   "It's a place where they can feel at home. We have a presence throughout the country and we're supported by the Episcopal Conference and we're trying to organize it in all dioceses.â?  The three day meeting will discuss a series of challenges the family faces, from single parents homes to gay children and divorce.  MPI/KLH  MG SV -PR Up:KLH