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Pope Francis to consecrated people: Don't take your vocation lightly

Thousands of pilgrims and consecrated people waited at the gates of St. Peter's Basilica to celebrate the World Day of Consecrated Life. Everyone wanted to get a good spot in the Mass Pope Francis was about to preside over. "It's wonderful, because there's mother's day, father's day, elder's day â?¦ And also a day to celebrate Consecrated Life.â? "I am very happy and I feel blessed. For the first time I see the Pope and was looking forward. It is a blessing to celebrate Mass with him." The ceremony began with a solemn procession with lit candles inside the Basilica. In his homily, the Pope talked about the importance of obedience in the life of consecrated people. POPE FRANCIS "A consecrated person, to progress is to humble oneself and serve.â? The Pope also asked them not to live their vocation in a "lightâ? way, adding that they should avoid the risk of turning it into a parody.  POPE FRANCIS "A parody where there's succession without sacrifice, prayer without meeting, fraternal life without communion, obedience without trust, charity without transcendence.â? In addition to the choir of the Sistine Chapel, a harp accompanied the ceremony. During the ceremony, if performed several solos and its music filled the basilica. This ceremony is one of the main events of the year dedicated to the Consecrated Life. The year will conclude in a year, on February 2, 2016. PM CTV JM -BN Up:AC