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Vatican council to discuss specific contributions of women to the Church

The Pontifical Council for Culture studied the role women play in society and in the Church. For a year, several women took part in the research. Now the results will be starting point of a three-day discussion, as this Vatican council will celebrate its Plenary Assembly under the theme  "Women's Cultures: equality and difference.â? CARD. GIANFRANCO RAVASI President, Pontifical Council for Culture "We won't discuss women's culture in itself, but rather the way women see it. Women have a specific way of understanding the world that has its own characteristics.â? During the three-day meeting, the members of the council will try to track these characteristics. In particular, they will talk about the differences between men and women, and how they can help each other to avoid uniformity. ANNAMARIA TARANTOLA President RAI "Women don't have to imitate the "male modelâ? of doing things. There are two models that together are important. That is, parity is achieved by maintaining diversity.â? Topics such as the creativity of women and will also be addressed. They will also discuss more contemporary issues such as plastic surgery . NANCY BRILLI Actress "I can't understand why people criticize a woman who changes her physical appearance, if it's making her uncomfortable and miserable. However, that is different from having a surgery so that you look "the way a woman should look.â? Who decides that? Who wants it? When we talk about plastic surgery that way we have a similar debate to that of the burka.â? The Pontifical Council for Culture plans to create a permanent commission, that will continue its research on the specific contributions of women to the Church and society. AC/PM AA JM PR Up: AC