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Vatican sheds light on future beatification of Msgr. Oscar Romero

Now that Pope Francis agreed that Msgr. Oscar Romero died a martyr, the next question is when will his beatification take place?  The Vatican hasn't set a date just yet, but it has announced it will happen this year. Msgr. Vincenzo Paglia is leading his cause for beatification.  MSGR. VINCENZO PAGLIA Postulator, Msgr. Romero's Cause for Beatification  "He was all about supporting the poor, but given the reality of El Salvador at that time, being with the poor meant being with the country.â?  His stance was clear, but it cost him his life. Even after his death, many said his message was too political. This led his cause for beatification to be blocked for years. Critics said his message was too closely tied to liberation theology. Pope Francis disagreed.  MSGR. VINCENZO PAGLIA Postulator, Msgr. Romero's Cause for Beatification  "Being accused of being a communist in El Salvador, was almost automatic for anyone who sided with the weak or the poor.â?  Msgr. Oscar Romero was killed on March 24th 1980 as he celebrated Mass.  El Salvador was dealing with a bloody civil war that killed more than 70,000 people. Msgr. Romero called for the killings to stop. It wasn't long before the far right and military, deemed him a threat.  His former secretary, Msgr. Jesus Delgado Acevedo was one of his closest friends.  MSGR. JESUS DELGADO ACEVEDO Former Secretary of Msgr. Romero "He was a friend, a good Christian and loyal person. He was also very humble. The first thing he told me was 'help me' and the last thing he said to me, was also, 'help me.'â?  The Vatican's Congregation for the Causes of Saints has been investigating Romero's life since 1996. As is customary, Pope Francis will not preside over the beatification, rather it will be either Msgr. Paglia or Archbishop Angelo Amato.  KLH  AA JM -BN Up: PM