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Rome Reports

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A new artistic exhibit focused on the Sanctuary of Loreto

This immense painting welcomed all pilgrims coming to the Sanctuary of Loreto in the sixteenth century. It depicts St. Christopher, patron of pilgrims. It also shows Rocco and Sebastian, protecting the village from the plague. GIOVANNI MORELLO "Lorenzo Lotto tesori artisitici ei di Loreto" "He welcomed the pilgrims who had finally reached the goal after a dangerous journey. They avoided disease and thieves.� The exhibition "Lorenzo Lotto and Artistic Treasures of Loreto" brings together work from Italian artists that has been gifted to Loreto. There are the magnificent works of Lorenzo Lotto, but the exhibit also includes great artists like Guido Reni, Annibale Carracci, Andrea Sacchi and Filippo Bellini. Interestingly, several of them creatively illustrated the unique history of this popular destination for pilgrims. GIOVANNI MORELLO "Lorenzo Lotto tesori artisitici ei di Loreto" "It is the largest and oldest shrine dedicated to Marian devotion in Italy. According to tradition, house in Nazareth where the Virgin Mary received the Archangel message is conserved here.� The exhibition shows that beyond popular devotion, Our Lady of Loreto also inspired high quality masterpieces. Visitors can see the exhibit at Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome until early May. PM/ATO MG SV -PR Up: MPI #Art