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An Australian smartphone app provides insights during Lent

Lent is a time of reflection and penitence, and it can be helpful to draw on different sources of inspiration.  A new smartphone app from Australia provides some unique and unexpected insight for this Lenten season: It draws from Australian Aborí­genes culture. The "2015 Xt3 Lent Calendar Appâ? is updated daily and includes videos, podcasts, and written reflections.  The Archdiocese of Sydney created the app. It has been doing this since 2009, and each year has had a different theme. This year is particularly unique. It focuses on Indigenous Australians. Lots of artwork from  throughout the country is included. Historical documents, like Pope John Paul IIâ??s speech to Aboriginal Australians, are also part of the application. The app launched on Ash Wednesday and will continue to generate new content until one week after Easter Sunday. The app is available smartphones and tablets with iOS or Android. Of course, it's free of charge.  ATO Xt3 SV -PR Up: MPI