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Egyptian Cardinal Antonios Naguib turns 80, can no longer vote in future Conclaves

Egyptian Cardinal Antonios Naguib celebrated his 80th birthday. The Coptic Catholic Patriarch emeritus of Alexandria had been a voting-age cardinal for more than four years. Naguib was born in Egypt. After becoming the Bishop Patriarch of Alexandria, Pope Benedict XVI made him a cardinal.    Just months after his elevation to cardinal, a major challenge presented itself. The Arab Spring upheavals took place throughout the Middle East. He originally felt optimistic about the revolution. CARD. ANTONIOS NAGUIB  6 April 2011 "During the first two weeks of this movement, the unity between Christians and Muslims was 100 percent. It was expected to mark the end of religious-based conflicts, but changing attitudes cannot happen as quickly or as easily as the change of a system of government."  He also stood up for the Pope during the uprisings, when some media outlets in the Middle East had obscured his message. CARD. ANTONIOS NAGUIB  6 April 2011 "On Al-Jazeera television, they said that the Holy Father asked foreign governments to protect religious minorities in our country. This was false. Based on those statements, other media have attacked the position of the Holy Father without reading what he said, without even reference to the texts.â? He resigned as bishop patriarch in 2013. He now holds the title of Patriarch Emeritus of Alexandria. There are now 124 men in the College of Cardinals that are eligible to vote in a future Conclave. Naguib voted in the 2013 Conclave, one of only four electors from outside the Latin Church to do so. ATO RR VM -PR Up: MPI