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Rome Reports

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Meet one of the new Swiss Guards!

Every year, on the first week on May the world media turns to the smallest army in the world, as new recruits take their oath.  This year, the Swiss Guard has 32 new soldiers.  Among them is 22 year old Zuffrey Cyrille.  CYRILLE ZUFFREY  Swiss Guard Recruit  "I'm nervous, but also very excited because my entire family is here in Rome.â? He says a total of 45 relatives and friends made the trip to Rome all the way from the Swiss town of Sierre. He is the very first guard, he says, from that small town.  Families of these new recruits have been pouring into the Eternal City. In fact, Pope Francis greeted some of the higher ups and their families in events leading up to the official oath on May 6th.  CYRILLE ZUFFREY  Swiss Guard Recruit  "It's very important for me to promise to protect Pope Francis. It's at the heart of what the Swiss Guard does. He's great, very nice and very humble.â?  He's a typical young man in his early twenties. He likes to ski, play tennis and go hiking out in the Swiss mountains. His family, is proud of this new stage in his life.  CYRILLE ZUFFREY  Swiss Guard Recruit  "My family is really happy for me, but also sad to see me leave Switzerland for some time. But my mom tells me, she's very proud of me.â?  He says it's a dream come true. A dream that started as a little boy when he saw a movie showing Swiss Guards and Rome.  KLH  MG -VM -PR Up:GRT