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Pope Francis to children: Peace is a craft built every day with love

From the start, it became clear that this wouldn't be a typical meeting at the Vatican. The MCs were two children who sang "We Are the Worldâ? while 7,000 cheering kids waited for the Pope. As he entered Paul VI Hall, there were plenty of cries, cheers, colors, and gifts. The Pope greeted the liberal Italian politician Emma Bonino, who has cancer, with this gesture. Children then threw out a question that really got the meeting started. "Do you want to work with us in the Peace Factory? We will always be with you.â?"You're one of us. Welcome to the Peace Factory.â? And so the Pope became a peace maker that way. Several children then asked him a total of 13 questions. POPE FRANCIS "Hands up who has never fought with his brothers. The important thing is to not end the day without making peace.â? FLASH "Peace is not an industrial product but a craft that is built every day with love.â? A girl then shyly asked if there would always be some people who try to prevent peace. She also asked why the "powerfulâ? did not do more to build peace. POPE FRANCIS "I... many times want some quiet. But being with people, I do not lose the peace. The things that take away peace are greed, jealousy.â? "Some powerful people earn their living making weapons. For this reason, many people do not want peace. They profit more with the war.â? There is no answer to the suffering of children, the Pope said, but work can be done to alleviate their suffering. He added that peace-building is necessary to teach the importance of respect and justice. He even made them repeat this sentence three times. POPE FRANCIS "Where there is no justice, there is not peace.â? "Stronger.â? "Where there is no justice, there is not peace.â? "Stronger.â? "Where there is no justice, there is not peace.â? "Very good, learn this very well.â? Later, several children came to deliver gifts and ask the Pope to bless their valuables. One child brought his soccer goalie gloves.  Before leaving, Pope Francis met with some of the children who were most ill. The Peace Factory Foundation brings together institutions, media, church organizations and, NGOs to promote peace. MPI/ATO CTV VM -BN Up:GRT