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Rome Reports

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Pope to Religious: Your smile helps the hungry...even more so than bread

To celebrate the Year of Consecrated Life, Pope Francis called for this meeting with religious that live in Rome.  The Pope talked with the group for a good chunk of time. He even responded directly to some of their questions, speaking frankly about some of the challenges religious face in this day in age.  When speaking about their vocation, for example, he emphasized that showing love shouldn't be abstract, but instead quite concrete.  POPE FRANCIS "The smile of nuns opens hearts. More than bread, it's the smiles of nuns that do more against the hunger of the hungry. One could say, this week it's your turn. For half an hour give snacks or sandwiches to the needy. But it's more than that.  It's your turn to smile to those who need it. Don't forget.â?  Before leaving, the Pope also spoke about loyalty. This 97 year old nun, he said, is the perfect example. The Pope said, her smile reflects that of a sister, mother and grandmother. Through her, he thanked the thousands of religious men and women who have dedicated their lives to the Church, even amid adversity.  He then called on Catholics to do the same, by thanking those who have given their lives to the Church.  JMB/KLH  CTV JM - BN Up:GRT