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Rome Reports

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Let there be light! A scientific and theological conference on the power of light

In the beginning there was light...It's a famous Bible passage that's been heard for thousands of years, but now a conference hopes to delve into this phrase a deep further, by looking into how light has revolutionized the world. From Biology, to Philosophy and of course Theology.  FR. RAFAEL PASCUAL L.C Regina Apostolorum, Philosophy Dept.  (Rome) "This is what the book of Genesis tells us in the story of Creation. The first thing God creates is light.â?  2015 has been declared by the UN as the year of light. It's a way to analyze the role it plays in everything from the creation of life to medicine, communication, entertainment, art and culture.  The Regina Apostolorum is teaming up with Rome's Sapienza University to organize a conference on the power of light and how it's relevant in different fields of everyday life. From the practical to the spiritual.  FR. RAFAEL PASCUAL L.C Regina Apostolorum, Philosophy Dept. (Rome) "Among the participants we have two Nobel Prize winners. Both of them in the field of Chemistry. One is a professor from the University of Israel and the other a professor in Germany. The vice president of Google is also coming.â?  The conference will take place at the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina from June 3rd to the 5th.  For more information, one can visit  www.fiatluxconference.com KLH  AA S BN UPATO