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Jewelry and Charity: Check out the designs students came up with!

Designing jewelry that reflects charity. It's not an easy task, but it was the assignment given to a group of students from the University of Siena. Now, the designs are part of a temporary exhibit in the Vatican Museums.  PAOLO TORRITI Director, History and Design of Jewelry (University of Siena)  "At first, I disliked the concept because combining charity with jewelry isn't easy. But the students welcomed the challenge.â?  The Vatican actually came up with the idea, since charity is something the Pope highlights quite a bit. Students enrolled in university's Masters Degree of History and Design of Jewelry, ran with the idea. The final products include this bracelet with a cross that also resembles a boat anchor.  This other piece, was more explicit. This gold colored bracelet has the word 'charity' etched in it, in many different languages.  PAOLO TORRITI Director, History and Design of Jewelry (University of Siena)  "It was interesting to see how the students developed their designs based on charity. It's a universal concept really. They were given the choice of using a symbol or an actual event.â?  This necklace reflects the concept of charity through the family. It shows a family linked together, by holding hands. The placement gives it movement resembling the highs and lows of life.  Then, there is this bracelet that shows a giraffe that seems to care for and nurture the red sphere.  Since charity is often connected to emotions and the heart, another student used the design of a heart to showcase the jewelry.  The exhibit will be on display in the Vatican Museums until October 3rd. The three month exhibit goes to show that there's no limit to one's imagination, especially when it comes to art.  KLH  RR VM PR Up: KLH